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This is one of several Jerome photos from Dave's family collection that has been hand-tinted.

Is the tinting likely to have been added at the Jerome studio or later?

Natural Color Photographic Chromogenic prints (C-prints) are the most common natural color photographs.

These demos are free, drop-in programs that reveal the secrets of historical art-making techniques, from ancient mosaics to metalworking to photography.

Luther’s demos offer the how-to’s of hand coloring, as well as a primer on authentic 19th-century cameras (from his extensive collection), developing processes, and glass negatives.

With this system a new printing plate is used for every additional color.

A courtesan washing her hair, fearsome samurai warriors and a mother tenderly watching her sleeping child are among the characters to feature in rare photographs of Edo-era Japan set to go on display in London for the first time this weekend.

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Hand coloring was extremely popular in the mid- to late 19th century, before color photography was invented.

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